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BETWEEN THE SHEETS-Position of Players

Understanding where to position yourself on the ice is critical to team performance as well as playing by the rules. The leads and seconds must position themselves between the hog lines unless they are about to sweep or about to deliver a rock.  If you are about to deliver a rock, position yourself behind the hack and remain quiet and still as your opponent delivers. As soon as the opponent delivers the rock, choose your rock and move into the hack area. While the opponent's rock is still in motion, begin the setup process in the hack.  If you are about to sweep, position yourself on the tee line approximately two feet from the sideline. Confirm the shot and weight with the thrower. As your teammate begins to deliver, start moving forward and to the center trying to "meet" the rock near the hog line. At this point you may begin sweeping the rock if necessary.  When you have stopped sweeping, return to the other end of the ice. Be sure not to walk down the center of the sheet, preventing the opponent from viewing. As you are walking back, try not to distract the opponent in the hack. If time permits, stop and remain still while the opponent is delivering.


The lead, or first, throws the team's first two stones of an end.  Leads sweep for the other team members and are responsible for judging weight of the stones and communicating to the skip.  Strategically, the lead usually has similar shots from end to end, usually throwing guards or draws.  The lead may flip a coin with the opposing lead to determine who will have last rock advantage at the beginning of a game. The winner of the toss has the option to pick either last rock, or the colour of the rocks they wish to play with.

The second throws the team's third and fourth stones.  The shots are typically draws or take outs to clear opponent stones in the house.  As part of the front end with the lead, the second sweeps for all other players and is responsible for judging weight and communicating to the skip. 

Also called the vice-skip, vice or mate, the third throws the team's fifth and sixth stones, and usually sweeps for the second and the lead. The third usually assists the skip in his or her duties. When it is the skip's turn to throw, it is usually the third who holds the broom for the skip.  After each round of play (or "end"), the thirds for both teams must reach an agreement about which team scored and how many points. If there is a disagreement, or uncertainty, the thirds may measure the rocks to see which ones are closer. At this time, only the thirds are allowed in the house.  All other players should wait beyond the hog line until the score is determined and then other players may move into the house to clear the rocks for the next end.  Depending on the tradition, when the third's team scores, the third will record it on the score-board.

The skip is the captain of the team and determines strategy. Based on the strategy, the skip holds the broom indicating where the player throwing must aim ("calling the shot"). When it is the skip's turn to throw, the vice-skip (usually the third) holds the broom. The skip usually throws the last two rocks of the end, however some teams have the skip throwing in other positions.
The skip rarely does any sweeping, except in the house and behind the tee line. The skip is required to stay out of the playing area when it is the other team's turn, but he is allowed to sweep stones in motion behind the tee line as a result of their shot. 


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